Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our Beautiful World

My blogger friend Teresa posted about a blog called Our Beautiful World so I decided to go over and check it out! Now that school is out and I'm off for a month I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for getting going on my photography again.

The theme this week is animals, so I chose a photo of an eagle that I took just a few days ago. My family and I drove about 4 hours from where we live to fish for salmon on the Klutina River in the Copper River basin. My husband and 2 of my boys were standing along the river fishing when the eagle came swooping by and sat atop a spruce tree, just keeping everything in view. We were all just talking and keeping an eye on the river when all of a sudden the eagle is right next to us and is swooping down into the river grabbing pieces of salmon. There was a fish cleaning table a couple yards up from us and the scraps going into the water had gotten the eagles attention.

I immediately grabbed my camera to get shots of him in action and wouldn't you know it, my camera battery died after the 2nd picture! I had even checked the battery after we set up our campsite and headed to the river and thought I had plenty of juice...apparently not!

My 17 year old nephew came to live with us in April from Colorado and he had never seen an eagle in the wild before so seeing this eagle dive bomb the water right next to us was an amazing introduction to our wildlife here in Alaska!

Head over to Our Beautiful World and check out all the great photos!
The eagle getting ready to swoop into the Kluitna River for salmon scraps
The eagle settled on this birch tree for a while. The sky was cloudy and it was about 10:30pm so I didn't get the best shots.

On our way back home we stopped by Lake Louise. Its the largest lake in Alaska that you can access by car. Be prepared though, the road leading to the lake is frost heave central and if you get motion sickness easily like I do it can be a difficult drive!

That's a lodge that just happens to be sale there on the shore? Who wants to buy it for me? :)

Gorgeous views along the Glenn Highway, several hours north of Anchorage Alaska.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Smoke on the Water

Ok, not so much on the water, but definitely in the air.

There is a very large wildfire burning south of us on the Kenai Peninsula. As of this morning the Funny River fire is over 96,000 acres. The other day we had smoke from the fire here in the Mat Su Valley but then the wind changed and cleared it out. Well, the wind changed and the smoke moved back in overnight. I had to take my oldest to work in Wasilla this morning so I stopped by Wasilla Lake to get some shots of the heavy layer of smoke sitting over the Valley. As the day has gone on and gotten warmer the smoke from the wildfire has thinned out and really permeated the area. The smell of fire is strong and at times we have had light ash falling in the area.

We're not due for rain until next week at this point, and the firefighters are doing their best to keep the fire away from homes. So far none have been lost.

The view from Wasilla Lake 5-22-14, around 11am. Smoke from the wildfires obscuring the mountains

5 -24-14 6:30am . The heavy layer of smoke hangs in the sky

5- 24-14 7:15am The sun is seen just above the trees across the street from my house and the smoke caused it to be an eerie red/orange color. The entire neighborhood was bathed in the strange glow.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Early Morning

It's been a while since I posted. So much for working hard to post every day. Maybe when school lets out and I'm off work for a month I'll be able to post more.

This morning my oldest had to be at work at 6:30am. He doesn't drive yet so we take him to work. I was nice and let my husband sleep in and drove our son in to Wasilla. After dropping him off I headed over to Wasilla Lake to enjoy the solitude and the beautiful view. Right now we have 19 hrs and 21 mins of visible light.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Beautiful Day

I only have time for a quick post, but on this Monday Mother Nature has been kind to us. I had to have my oldest to work in Wasilla at 4am and we were guided into town by the Northern Lights dancing in the sky and then when I picked him up at 1pm its bright blue sky and the mountains looked stunning. I stopped at Wasilla Lake to grab some pictures, here is one of them.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Well hello there....

I havent been taking many pictures because our warm (for Alaska) temps and lack of snow has had me pretty depressed but today I had good reason to smile and grab my camera....2 moose decided to come say hi! They munched in the backyard for a while and then decided to lay down and rest. They're still back there, chilling out!

This is the older moose (not sure if its a mama and baby, looks like it might be siblings). She stayed in view most of the time while the other one decided to hide in the trees.

Friday, February 14, 2014

So, Lower 48, please tell me again how cold you are....

Alaska for the win today ;)

The US National Weather Service Alaska shared this graphic on Facebook today(Fri). -92....The coldest I've had at my place is about -35 so I cant even fathom -92!

From the National Weather Service Alaska:

Mother Nature has a cold heart this Valentine's Day.

In Howard Pass, Alaska (map: the cold and wind have combined to produce a wind chill, or feels-like factor, of -92 F this morning. While this is brutally cold, it's even more impressive when you see that the lowest recorded wind chill of record in Alaska is -96 F from Prudhoe Bay/ARCO January 28, 1989. Frostbite can occur in less than 5 minutes if skin is exposed in these conditions.

Howard Pass lies at 2062 feet above sea level, Southwest of Barrow in the Northwestern Brooks Range, an extension of the Rocky Mountains. The region is mostly uninhabited.

Wind Chill Advisories are in effect for significant, though less severe, levels for many communities of Alaska’s North Slope, West Coast and Interior today. For the latest information head to

Monday, January 27, 2014

I'd like winter back please.....

I've been absent from the blog again but trust me, you should thank me for that. While the Lower 48 is dealing (whining? hahaha!) about the frigid temps and snow they have been getting Alaska has been setting records for all time high temps for the month of January. This does not make me happy. In fact, it makes me very cranky. I live for winter, I need snow and to be several weeks into the New Year and dealing with temps in the 50' southcentral Alaska?? It makes me want to vomit!

Today I had to go into Wasilla to pick my son up from work and noticed employees from Wasilla Public Works at Wasilla Lake, removing the poles and lights that are put in for the ice skating area that is made on the lake every year. As the ice has thinned and overflow appeared the poles started leaning and the other day they were completely down, laying in the overflow.

I went over and chatted with the employees after grabbing some pics and they told me that in the particular spot they were in they estimated the ice to be about 18 inches thick, but closer to shore the ice was much thinner or gone completely. It was pretty amazing standing next to the lake and seeing so much water flowing on top of the water. I fully admit to being a will not catch me anywhere near the local lakes right now, nope, uh-uh, wont do it!

Lower 48, please send the cold and snow back to Alaska. We actually know how to deal with it and enjoy it :0)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Moose Visit

I was doing pretty good with the daily photo, and then I got the nasty bug that had moved through the house over Christmas break. Coughing, dripping nose, headache...all kinds of fun going on here.

Even though I feel like death warmed over I still had to go get my oldest from work today and when I went to my truck I gave it a close look, as my daughter had told me she had moose tongue marks on her car this morning. Sure enough there were tracks all around my truck and obvious lick marks where the moose had had a snack. The moose like to lick vehicles to get the salt that is part of the sand mixture that is used on the roads here. I took a few pics of the marks and went off to get my son.

When I returned home about an hour later I grabbed one of the dogs to take her outside to potty. I was in my own world, not paying much attention, and we headed towards the back of the yard. I happened to look up and notice a dark shape in the snow that seemed to be looking at me. That woke me up and I quickly realized that there were 2 moose bedding down in the wooded section of the backyard! I grabbed the dog and we quickly headed down by the house to give the moose plenty of space and when the dog was taken care of I grabbed the camera and headed back out!

Moose enjoying the salt on the truck:

 Moose 1 laying in the yard:
 Moose 2 laying on the other side of the yard:
 Moose 1 sits for a while and then wanders into the neighbors yard for a snack:

 Moose 2 wandered into the other neighbors yard and found their pumpkins from Halloween and enjoyed a nice snack!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Clearing the Highway

Yesterday when I was coming back from Wasilla I happened to get stuck behind this plow that was clearing the road of some of the slush and muck that had accumulated on the highway. While much of the lower 48 has been hit with a deep freeze Alaska is sitting in unusually warm temperatures. Here in the Wasilla area my high temp hit 35 degrees today. I'll be more than happy to take the subzero temps back, this warm crap sucks!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Friday Photo

I wasn't able to get online yesterday before I left for work so today's photo is for Friday. It snowed all day here and while I was out and driving I saw several moose. This particular one was just outside the school property, I spotted her while I was on my way to pick my youngest son up from basketball practice. I only had my 18-55 lens and couldn't get any closer to her without stressing her, but I was just happy to see some moose in the area. They have been few and far between this season.